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Homeowners invest in home improvements for many reasons. Whether it be to raise the value of the home, fulfill some remodeling desires, or repair issues, they are all valid reasons. New Image Construction & Roofing is here to help you achieve home improvement and maintenance. If your siding is run-down, your windows are cracked, or you need someone to install Sheetrock drywall, give us a call. Our team has years of experience in the construction industry, and we can fix all sorts of problems that homeowners face. 

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Siding Solutions in Magnolia, Texas

People invest in new siding for many reasons. Siding is the protective material attached to the exterior side of a wall of a house or other building. It protects your home by keeping the elements out. The most common types of siding are wood, vinyl, and fiber cement, although there are other types of siding too. Siding does a great job of keeping the elements out, but only if it is correctly installed. If it’s not, it is the leading cause of water damage in homes. 

If you are currently dealing with water damage, or there is an absurd amount of dirt, moisture, or insects inside your home, then our team needs to check out the situation. Your siding may need to be replaced.

Some common signs that indicate that the siding needs to be replaced are:

These are just a few of the indicators to keep in mind. New Image Construction & Roofing can evaluate your siding and determine the best course of action.

Window Repairs and Replacements

It’s easy to take windows for granted. But do you realize how much windows do for you? They provide security, safety, insulation, property value, and energy efficiency. If the window is damaged or broken, it is an emergency that comprises the safety of your home and the property inside of it.  

Windows may break due to inclement weather, accidents, or break-ins. New Image Construction & Roofing will restore your safety. 

Maybe your windows are outdated and you want to revamp your home. Whatever the case may be, we have a variety of solutions to fit your needs and desires.

Sheetrock Drywall

New Image Construction & Roofing can assist in your remodeling needs. Drywall is used in home and commercial interiors due to its durable composition and its ability to serve as durable walls. Sheetrock can reduce noise and it is more fire-resistant compared to other building materials. 

If your drywall needs a repair, or it needs to be completely replaced, contact our expert team. And if you are planning on installing additional drywall, we can provide advice on placement. Trying to install or repair the drywall yourself is very time-consuming and costly. Instead, New Image Construction & Roofing can provide a timely and affordable solution.

Team Up With New Image Construction & Roofing

As you can see, our team is made up of experts in the roofing and construction fields. Let us know what your issue is, and we will provide a solution. We have years of experience and have dealt with all sorts of problems. Our team strives to exceed customer expectations and we never cut any corners. You can rest assured that our team monitors every project from start to finish to ensure that everything is completed efficiently and professionally. If your home is in need of siding, window, or drywall repairs or installations, give our team a call!